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Accounting & Inventory Management

See barcode.co.uk/sage for some screenshots - some of our solutions are so automated, often all you see is one button.

We offer risk free solutions for; Sage, QuickBooks, MYOB, Access, Excel, ...

As an example of what we do - every day of the week, across the whole of the UK, our software is being used by Sage users to;

Is this one mega 'system'? No - each is a separate, risk free module, you pay for - if you need it.

Risk free - only pay for what you use. TIP: Tackle the biggest problem first - that's more value for your money. Once the big problem is gone everything else often sorts itself out (because you have freed up time and energy).

Risk free - cancel any module any time. Any time someone can do that job better, cheaper - or if you simply don't need that module any more. TIP: Stock taking is often taken in the first year - for some people it's a must have, every year - while other people realise, it's not necessary now order picking and goods inward are more accurate. Stock taking is quite an easy job to do manually, for most people - but it's nice to actually be able to see the difference barcode scanners can make and then make an educated decision; whether the annual software cost is worth it for that job, or maybe could be saved, or spent on a different module that saves more time / money.

Risk free - buy your barcode equipment from anywhere you like (you are not tied in).

Risk free - buy labels and ribbons (consumables) from the cheapest source (we usually are - but there's no tie in). We offer a massive range, but anytime we don't have what you need, or we don't deliver, the the whole of the rest of the world is your marketplace.

Risk free - we offer FREE upgrades - so you can stick with an old version or keep bang up-to-date.

Risk free - we offer FREE modifications - so you can add that peculiar feature you need, or just have things done in a different way, to make things easier for you, or to gain an advantage, or to link to another system. These are things some companies charge 1,000's for (and some say you simply can't have - even if you have paid 50,000 for a system).

We even have Sage users in New Zealand. Our software is even used by the Australian Inland Revenue and by organisations in 40+ countries.



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